The Team


Brandon LeClaire

Photography has been a passion ever since I was able to understand the value of a photo; a captured moment in time. Being able to capture and keep an image which tells a story about someone, something, or a special event has always been thrilling to me. The ability to story tell each time I press and release the shutter is the best feeling and I hope I can share it with everyone.


Ruslan Kulinov

Photography and videography have always been more than just a hobby or a way to make money. It's a passion that allowed me to capture some special moments in life. Moments that will now live on forever and will not be forgotten.


Tenoch Sanchez

My creative journey has been a long one, starting with art as a painter and it wasn’t until I shot on film for the first time that I fell in love with cameras, ever since then I havnt put one down. Let’s just say when I was younger I loved to watch movies, and now I get to make them.


Julius Espiritu

I have always been passionate about finding beauty in creation and working to capture it in creative ways.  For most of my life I did that through music, both production and performance.  It wasn’t until I found a camera in my hand that I discovered a whole new desire to capture and create.