I care deeply about the stories of my clients. I want to bring your memories to life, letting you relive those precious moments over and over again while using the best camera gear and lenses to capture that movie-like look. We strive to make every video cinematic; filled with stunning visuals, music that sets the mood, and a story that'll last a lifetime.

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Born in the Philippines, I grew up a young kid striving for a career in entertainment - dancing, singing, DJ-ing - and eventually determined the scene wasn’t for me. I got planted at a local church in Palm Desert, and quickly realized my passions for the creatives could be used for a greater purpose. Once I picked up a camera, I found a new passion filming my family and then other events. I haven’t turned back since then.

EST. 2020

In 2019 I began Spiritmade Visuals out of my home, while continuing to work a full-time job to support my family. While I dabbled here and there in commercial work, brand promotions, music videos and more in previous years, I finally settled on weddings in 2020. The pandemic opened my eyes to how important these special moments were - especially when they were taken away! In Jan. of 2020, I went down to part-time at my 9-5, and then in Mar. of 2021, went full-time with my filmmaking business.


As my clientele has continued to grow, I have run into the challenge of having multiple bookings on the same day. And though my intention is to personally serve all of my couples, it became physically impossible to do so. Thankfully, I’ve had the honor of working with some extremely talented videographers, photographers and editors that have become a part of the Spiritmade team. Together, we are able to shoot anywhere from 2-3 weddings in the same day, and produce the same beautiful quality.



“The BEST videographer!

Julius was the best videographer we could EVER ask for! Right from the start, I knew that I had to have him as our videographer. His style was so unique and the way he told his clients stories was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. He was so helpful from the beginning, even provided suggestions with other vendors. On the day of, he helped guide everything to make every detail perfect. He worked so well with my photographer that other guests thought they worked with the same company”


by Julius Espiritu